Choose only the best when it comes to IAS coaching. We have put together a few tips that will help you choose wisely. Keep in mind that the best IAS institute in Bangalore or anywhere else will surely include the features we list out below.


1.) Reputation.

It is very important for educational institutions to keep their games up not just for the sake of it but for their own benefit. Keeping a good name in the field requires commitment and hard work, features you would expect from your coaching institute. Top IAS institutes in Bangalore maintain their position by constant self regulation and improvement. Maintaining a good reputation includes guaranteeing all of the other features in this list.

How does one find a reputed institute? Simple. Ask around, to people who were in coaching programmes themselves, to people working in the field of UPSC training, get on the internet etc. A preliminary search would surely give you some names. When you have them, check for the rest of the features.


2.) Student Feedback.

Once you find out the names of the top institutes, get the feedback of the students who have studied there. As a student yourself the most relatable advise for you would be from people who were students themselves. The best IAS institute in Bangalore would surely have the best student feedback. Students would give you only honest details and genuine opinions regarding the institutions as they have nothing at stake. Value your student feedback.


3.) Teaching Faculty.

An IAS coaching institute is only as good as its teaching faculty. Yes you heard it right. The faculty is who you entrust your time and aspirations to. They are the ones who guide you in the right path. It is extremely important that the faculty be thoroughly experienced and adept. The best IAS academy would ensure an experienced and erudite teaching faculty who are familiar with the ways of the UPSC exams. They should be able to provide a personalized training to the learners through effective interpersonal communication and guidance.


4.) Study Materials.

Not only should the faculty be efficient but the study materials provided should be the most relevant and updated ones. Top IAS institutes keep track of the shifting trends in the UPSC exam syllabus and ensure updated study materials that cover all the necessary fields of knowledge. They will also filter the material provided to only the most essential as the students should not be burdened with unnecessary chunks of data.


5.) Additional Resources.

It is not enough that the institute provide good study materials alone. In today’s world, learning and teaching happens on various levels in contrast to the traditional ways. Students should be given free access to various resources and study tools. Exclusive libraries(online and offline) are a must in exam training. UPSC online coaching classes has transformed the field of IAS coaching. It requires the use of various digital resources like informational websites, current affairs magazines, data analyses etc. Only the best IAS institutes offer Civil Service online coaching classes that meet the standards of physical classrooms.


6.) Learning Space.

An IAS institute must provide an environment conducive to learning. It should have an infrastructure and ambience that will make the training process easy and effective. Overcrowded classrooms would obviously be a red flag. Make sure that the number of students are low so as to enable better interaction and learning. When you choose an institute, make sure that it suits you in every way possible.


7.) Affordability.

One can never overlook the fee amount for IAS coaching or any other training programmes. The best institute would be the one offering the best training for an affordable fee amount. You should never have to compromise on the quality of the coaching. The best institute offers in-person as well as IAS online coaching all at a most reasonable fee rate because it believes in the principle of quality exam coaching for all.


8.) Accessibility.

UPSC exam preparation period is a busy period for the aspirant. You shouldn’t have to waste any time unnecessarily. Your coaching institute should be located at a place that ensures ease of access. In our current times, this should also hold true for its online presence as UPSC online coaching classes now substitute physical classrooms.


9.) Student Evaluations.

A constant evaluation of the progress of the learner is essential to UPSC training. The best IAS institutes have regular evaluation strategies like tests and quizzes ensuring that the learner is on the right track. Regular evaluations help keep the learner at the center of the programme and also help the faculty in moving on appropriately. Keeping track of the learner’s progress is a sign of commitment and an effective teaching strategy.


10.) Innovation.

One cannot stress enough the importance of bringing innovative ideas to the field of IAS coaching. Innovation should also mean that the institute is up to date on all fronts. With IAS online coaching and changing patterns in the CSE, an IAS institute should be updated on materials and resources. It should adapt to the training trends of the progressing world and offer appealing and effective methods of IAS training.


As a Civil Service aspirant, you should keep the points listed above in mind while choosing a coaching institute. Believers IAS Academy sticks to every single point made above and proudly merits its ranking among the best IAS institutes in Bangalore. We offer the best UPSC online coaching out there and guarantee results. Our academy is dedicated to the cause of  making quality IAS coaching available to all.


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