Op-ed & Editorials & FAQ:

1.) What’s in a dome? (GS-1)

2.) When will a COVID-19 vaccine be ready? (GS-3)

3.) Why are only a fraction of coronavirus cases tested? (GS-3)

4.) The rupee’s plunge (GS-3)



5.) Cabinet okays ₹48,000-cr. plan for electronics manufacturing (GS-3)

6.) Virus hits NRI foreign currency deposits (GS-3)

7.) CII bats for ₹2 lakh-cr. stimulus (GS-3)



8.) A step closer to developing a potent drug against novel coronavirus (GS-3)

9.) ‘The vaccine was rapidly synthesised as novel coronavirus sequence was available’ (GS-3)

10.) Long-tailed macaques show rich tool-use behaviour (GS-3)


Other News Articles:

11.) No community transmission of coronavirus, says Centre (GS-2)

12.) Centre likely to postpone Census and NPR exercise (GS-2)

13.) ‘We’re suffering because rich people brought virus with them’ (GS-2)

14.) Free ration, double pension in Delhi (GS-2)

15.) Patients with respiratory illness also to be tested (GS-2)

16.) ‘There is no doubt that more testing should be done’ (GS-2)

17.) Air India unveils fresh set of measures to survive the virus (GS-3)

18.) Press conferences to go virtual amid COVID fears (GS-2)

19.) Rajya Sabha braves virus, clocks 106% productivity (GS-2)

20.) Centre releases local body grants to States (GS-2)

21.) Govt. approval for bulk drug parks (GS-2)

22.) Ayush Wellness Centre to come under NAM (GS-2)

23.) Maharashtra to get paid by Centre for cotton MSP (GS-3)

24.) India, France conduct joint patrols from Reunion Island (GS-2)

24.) Nearly 1 bn people confined to homes


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