Believers IAS academy ranks among the top 10 IAS academies in Bangalore. Our institute has, from the day of its establishment in the heart of the city, strived for excellence in teaching and mentoring UPSC aspirants. It brings a novel set of teaching strategies and programs to the field of  UPSC coaching with its brilliantly structured classes and a thorough and experienced faculty. The coaching programs are organized and conducted by a team of  experts well acquainted with the Civil Service Examinations(IAS,IPS,IRS,IFS etc.) and the methods of preparing for them. Our academy offers extremely comprehensive and time-efficient coaching programs targeted at the aspirant cracking the exams in the first go itself. What Believers IAS academy does with its multifaceted courses and programs is as original as it is effective and the institute merits its position as one of the best IAS academies in Bangalore.

Believers IAS academy maintains a dynamic online presence on various platforms offering the best online classes for UPSC with an array of aptly guided courses that are conducted making the most of the virtual space and resources. The online coaching experience is designed so as to keep it on a par with in-person classes with a highly interactive teaching panel and extensive doubt clearing sessions. The UPSC online course also provide the aspirants with a wide range of exclusive digital resources tailored specifically for an effective exam preparation. Our academy offers access to an exclusive online and offline library for students 24/7 with a collection of the best materials for UPSC exam preparations. 

Believers IAS academy runs its website with expertly curated and constantly updated content offering free online classes for UPSC with a brilliant assemblage of coaching materials. Aspirants can check the site on a daily basis for updates on current affairs and a range of other free material. The academy offers the best free online coaching for UPSC aspirants devoted to the task of cracking the Civil Services examinations and interviews.

Listed below are the UPSC Civil Services Coaching Programs offered by Believers IAS Academy;

Along with the core courses the academy also conducts a number of auxiliary ones targeted at effectively supplementing the exam preparation efforts of the student. The courses are designed in a holistic manner ensuring a complete coverage of the exam material as well as personal mentoring and interview guidance.

Listed below are the additional courses offered by Believers IAS Academy;

  • FAST-TRACK PRELIMS-Prelims Crash Course (Online/Offline)
  • Onset Marathon-Prelims Test Series 2020 (Online/Offline)
  • Onward Marathon-Mains Test Series 2020 (Online/Offline)
  • Double ‘O’-Prelims + Mains Test Series 2020 (Online/Offline)
  • Optionals - Optional Paper Training (Online/Offline)
  • Final Stride-Interview Guidance (Online/Offline) 

Believers IAS Academy was founded on the sole aim of making available to the aspirants the best possible and affordable UPSC coaching. Our academy believes in the importance of keeping the students motivated and inspired throughout the learning process and focuses on personalized mentoring programs and strategies. It offers scholarships for the aspirants based on a scholarship test conducted twice a year. Listed below are the particulars of the scholarship offered;

  • First 2 ranks will get a scholarship avail of up to 40% fee relaxation on our Comprehensive Classroom Programme and Foundation Courses (both online and offline)
  • Ranks 3 to 8 can avail a scholarship of up to 25% fee discount in the same courses.

Our Academy has several free initiatives as well offering a wide range of free materials for UPSC aspirants to work with. Free recourses range from current affairs magazines, infographics,  mindmaps, daily news analyses to current affairs MCQ tests, all of which are designed and organized by an experienced faculty making sure that the aspirants are provided with the most relevant information in the most effective manner. The free recourses helps in making the learning process easier and more efficient.

Believers IAS Academy believes in a learner centered and interactive coaching process with the faculty guiding the aspirants in the right path. Our teaching faculty strives to impart maximum knowledge to the learners as well as maintain a channel for clear and effective communication. Our academy also offers guest lectures featuring retired as well as incumbent Civil Services Officers whose classes aid greatly in orienting the aspirants. The batch size for Foundation course 2021 is retained to 25 students so as to enable better interaction and doubt clearance.



It is our dedication and commitment to this cause of training aspirants for one of the toughest and most prestigious examinations out there that makes us the best IAS Institute in Bangalore.


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