Reorganisation of States Part 2

Reorganisation of States Part 2 State Reorganisation Commissions S.K. Dhar Committee The S.K. Dhar Commission also known as Linguistic Provinces Commission, was established by the Constituent Assembly in 1948. Its mission was to provide recommendations regarding whether or not the states should be reorganized on […]

PIB Analysis 29-12-22

PIB Analysis 29-12-22 ‘Stay Safe Online’ Campaign The objective of the ‘Stay Safe Online Campaign’ is to raise awareness among citizens to stay safe in the online world due to the widespread use of social media platforms and the rapid adoption of digital payments. The […]

Delegated legislation

Delegated legislation #GS-02 Governance For Prelims Delegated legislation ‘Delegated legislation’ refers to the exercising of legislative power by an agent who is of a lower rank to the Legislature, or who is subordinate to the Legislature. This type of legislation is also known as subordinate […]

The Jan Vishwas Bill, 2022

The Jan Vishwas Bill, 2022 #GS-02 Governance For Prelims The Jan Vishwas Bill, 2022: The Jan Vishwas Bill, 2022 has been introduced with the objective of “decriminalising” 183 offences across 42 laws. This is expected to enhance the ease of living and doing business in […]

Mullaperiyar dam

Mullaperiyar dam #GS-03 Disaster Management, #GS-02 Inter-State Disputes  For Prelims Mullaperiyar dam Mullaperiyar dam is a 126-year-old dam located on the confluence of the Mullayar and Periyar rivers in Kerala’s Idukki The dam though fully located within Kerala, is owned, operated and maintained by Tamil […]